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Soksek2 by Aida & Riana at 1:12 AM
Smlm selak2 magazine Pesona Pengantin edisi Jan 2011..byk la jgk input2 n design baju yg I tertarik sgt dgn design hantaran yg mgunakan bunga hydrangea..nowaday, lots of fresh flower decoration for hantaran..let me share few of my fav design..
First, my most fav flower; Gerbera..

My DIY handbouquet during E-day

There are a lot of Gerbera species..i try to plant it but not work..die tak kembang sebagaimana yg I nk..mungkin tak cukup zat kot..

Most famous and evergreen choice; Roses

Because they have variety of color, species and easier to find, so she become the most wanted flower. I can say, it’s the cheapest. 1 bundle = RM20 = 24 stalks..

Next is; Hydrangea

Credit to: Wedding by Sher
I can say they are more expensive but beautiful for sure..ada pink, baby blue, shock pink, white

Very traditional flora; Orchid

Personally I not prefer orchid

Peonies with various of color..sweet and look sophiscated. Normally it will be combine with roses..

Credit to: Wedding by Sher

Ada byk lah lg bunga yg chantek2 and blh dicombinekan each other..contohnye eustoma, peacock paradise, button mom, crysnthemum...

Love this
Credit to: Zue collection

2 girls dh soksek2 together:

LisaLisut on January 19, 2011 at 12:44 AM said...

gerbera tu sbnrnye nama melayu dia ape.i asik dgr ggerbera2. gerbera lg mahal dr rose?
please advise.

i suke orkid kalau purple jelah.tetiba nmpk cm menyerlah lak bila Arma deko hntrn dlm blog dia.haha.

fainie_riz on January 23, 2011 at 4:23 PM said...

gerbera tu, nama tak komersil die daisy..hikhikhik..klu kat sini, rose 1 bundle (24 btg) blh dpt RM20..Gerbera lak sebatang RM1.20..klu combine gerbera dgn rose pun cntik jgk..

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