Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Ministry of Moments (MOM)

Soksek2 by Aida & Riana at 7:07 PM
Salam Peeps..

Last few days sajek jek send email to Ministry of moment mintak quote..Then diorg reply mintak phone number. Nanti diorg call balik..ooohhh ini sudah bagus..I like vendor2 yg rajin ni..

Esoknye diorg call..ok this guy sgt bgus and pndai communicate dgn customer..His name Apas..firstly dia tanya majlis bile, kat mana sume..then die tanya bujet i..ok, i nk tau quote u dulu..bujet blh adjust kn as long they give the best services to us..this is what i remember from the conversation

Right now they are offering double package. Thats mean 2 events..either nikah, sanding atau tandang..ok for me, nikah and sanding la kan..

Price: RM2777 (2 Junior Photog)
Album: 2 custom album 13 x 13 inch, 20 pages
Frame: tak ingat ada ke tak..hihi
Free: Outdoor session and 1 album black and white

Die tanya, suka tak dapat album byk2? hahahahah..mmg la suke..klu nk Sr. Photog RM3500, yg len2 same2..Disebabkan i kat Melaka, so ada outstation charge RM400..They are OP for Umi Aida Wedding..Their work mmg superb..i suka view blog and FB diorg..chantek sgt2..Thanks MOM for entertain ur customer

Layan Pic jap

All piccas credit to: MOM

Highly recommended!!!!!

2 girls dh soksek2 together:

Lala on December 29, 2010 at 7:41 PM said...

hai aida!! lala here. nice to knoe u!
b2b jugak kan!mari share cite kawen gak!hehe linked n followed u!

MOM sgt superb. dorang buat contest aritu. kalau tak, leh dpt free shooting dari dorang. hehe

fainie_riz on December 29, 2010 at 8:21 PM said...

tu la, masa die wat contest hr tu, br bjinak2 dgn blog ni..blur2 lg..rugi tak join..

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