Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Arrived at Jakarta

Soksek2 by Aida & Riana at 8:13 PM
Smlm dh selamat tbe di Jakarta..Company had arranged for driver and all those thngs for me..even going alone, i still feel safe la..normally like that la..but unfortnately this time, i lost my supir..i arrived at the airport around 1.06 pm..kuar dr customs, itrus find for my supir..carik2 la mana2 sign yg ada tulis my name or mana2 guys yg pki uniform company..tp tak jumpa2..i try to call him, tak dpt2 jgk..then try to col other guys yg i knl kat sini, pun conection fail..woooo ini tlh menimbulkan kerisauan..

Hampir sejam la i terpusing2 cari supir i tu..still tak jumpa. Taxi2 driver dh mula chase i dh, nk anta ke hotel..i pun dh t'pk2  gk nk amik taxi jek..skali diorg nk charge 500,000 rup..mak ai mahai nye..almost RM180..i nekad tu find my supir again.. and luckily i found him..nsbaik supr kali ni sporting..siap dh book nk g tanah Abang this Saturday..tak sabar nk hbs kn training and assignment kat sini..yeayyyyy..nti blh jalan2

Preparation to go

Our hotel..Very chantek..Village gitu..

At the Jetty - Plant site..org dtg wat inspection i wat photoshoot..

Last day..harus posing dulu

Mangga Dua..Byk souvinear kat sini

Ni Pic2 Masa January Visit..This time nye visit, blum sempat berposing lg

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